Insurance Claims

The trial attorneys at Poague, Wall, Cox & Adams, LLC have represented clients in insurance disputes related to failure of insurance companies to defend or enter into settlements classified as bad faith under Missouri law.  The firm has also handled disputes related to whether or not there was coverage for automobiles or homes where the insurance company had denied the claim and clients need representation in order to receive the compensation for which they had contracted.

Poague, Wall, Cox & Adams, LLC is familiar with multiple types of insurance coverages and policies which are cumbersome to review.  The trial attorneys at Poague, Wall, Cox & Adams, LLC can help clients get on equal ground by having someone to review the policy and determine coverage on their behalf.

In certain situations, the conduct of an insurance company can justify the award of attorney fees and/or penalties related to the refusal by the insurance company to honor a claim.  If you are dealing with an insurance company contact us at Poague, Wall, Cox & Adams, LLC to assist you in the review of your insurance policies.

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